Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand in Ottawa


Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand in Ottawa  is one of the best parts of your home decorations. It gives your home aesthetic looks. It increases your home value as well. So, choose the best-designed wood flooring for your home today. For engineered wood, we are the best engineered wood floor brand in Ottawa. 

Engineered wood is man-made wood that is made of multiple layers of wood using glue, heat, and pressure. It is also called composite wood, mass timber, man-made wood, etc. engineered woods are becoming very popular day by day, especially for flooring. 

Most people think, engineered wood flooring is similar to laminated flooring. But it is not right. Laminated flooring is like an image of wood. On the other hand, the top layer of engineered wood looks like original hardwood. 

The main reason to choose this wood is its beautiful veneer of solid wood. It is strong enough like solid wood. You can feel the original hardwood in your flooring. Engineered wood has a good resale value in the real estate market. 

Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand in Ottawa Engineered wood floor is better than solid wood floor in dealing with moisture. 

It is cost-effective compared with solid hardwoods. 

Difference Between Engineered Wood & Solid Wood:

Both kinds of wood perform almost the same depending on the environment. There are some mentionable differences are given bellow_

Engineered WoodsSolid Woods
This is a hand-made product. Basically, this is made of a by-product. There are multiple layers consisting of thin but effective wood slices.Solid woods are organic products, where the whole product is solid.
Most of the products are pre-finished, where some companies produce finished wood in factories.Almost 25% of the solid woods are finished.
This wood can be sanded a maximum of twice until the thin top layer is torn.As this is solid enough, it can be sanded many times, if you do it carefully.
It works better in heat and moisture places for a long time.It gets affected in moisture and heating places.

Advantages of Engineered Wood Floor:


Engineered woods are made of byproducts. So, it is cost-effective than solid wood flooring. To complete flooring in the entire house, you can save a huge amount of money. You will be able to complete your flooring within a limited budget.

Engineered woods are made of byproducts. So, it is cost-effective than solid wood flooring. To complete flooring in the entire house, you can save a huge amount of money. You will be able to complete your flooring within a limited budget.

Structural Advantages:

You can use this product anywhere in the home. Where heat and humidity are so high like kitchen and bathroom, this product performs better than solid wood flooring. 

Easy Installation:

As it is man-made, you can transport, modify, resize, drill, and install it easily with very ordinary tools and basic knowledge.Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand

What ar e the benefits of exotic wood flooring?

When it comes to exotic wood, the components are all of the following: Logs Stripes Stick Flooring Branching To produce the product, a company cuts the timber into strips of wood, then uses machines to widen and round the edges until it’s one continuous wood plank, then they cut it to the desired length for you. These strips of wood, also known as ‘branches’ are then stacked to create a unique type of wood flooring. When you go into your flooring store, you should know that each wood has its own unique characteristics and that different exotic wood have different characteristics, all depends on the location where the wood is coming from. Having exotic wood in your home is one of the best ways to give your house a unique touch. It gives your home an exotic vibe.Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand in Ottawa.

Design Options:

You have options to choose a perfect design for your house from a large collection. You can choose color, plank size, finishing, gloss or semi-gloss, wood species, etc. to match your house. Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand

Good for Health: 

It is a very good option for people, especially those who have problems with allergies. Because here the joint among woods are so closed. So, dust and poisons can not be compiled here. 


It is a very versatile and stable product. You can use it in heavy traffic ara for a long time like solid woods. Even this wood is more durable than solid woods in the heating areas and most moistured areas. Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand

Where Can We Use Engineered Wood?

This wood is versatile to use. You can use this flooring almost anywhere in the house or office spaces. From a busy corridor to bedroom, it is a good fit like solid wood flooring. Even this flooring is more effective and durable in heating areas like underfloor heating. 

In the area with high moisture like bathroom, engineered wood floor works better than solid wood floor. 

We can also use this wood on backsplash tile, kitchen tile, wall tile, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl floor, stacked tone, home renovation, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, exotic wood flooring, etc. Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand

Best Engineered Wood Floor Service in Ottawa:

A standard decoration of a house expresses your personality. If you decide to install engineered wood floors for your house or office, hire a professional and experienced team for aesthetic design. Ottawa Flooring Center is the best option for you if you are in Ottawa or nearby. 

We have more than 11 years of experience in this area. We have completed lots of projects with clients satisfaction for hundreds of private clients and local builders. We provide one-stop services for your home and commercial renovation. 

We provide custom offers to our clients as per their requirements. Our staff gives you support to make your house into the home of your dreams. 

Here in Ottawa Flooring Center, we believe in a professional and personal relationship with our clients. Please visit our showroom and see the products and services we provide.

Laminate Flooring:

We have all styles of hardwood flooring. To cater to every customer need we offer low total cost, with quality workmanship, at reasonable prices. We are pleased to announce that our company offers full laminate flooring services with competitive pricing and quality standards. We offer premium quality laminate flooring available at an affordable price, with low installation and delivery charges. Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Flooring is generally known for its noise, water, and stain resistance properties. Best Engineered Wood Floor Brand in OttawaIt is a resilient flooring material that does not require to be sanded, primed or painted as often as some other flooring options. Customers can choose their flooring from our large vinyl flooring selection of different styles, colors, and designs to meet their individual taste.

Vinyl Flooring:

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Engineered wood flooring is becoming very popular day by day in the current world. This is very suitable for interior designs for its easy installation, durability, standard look, and easy maintenance. This is very inexpensive comparing its quality. Uses of this element will be increased day by day.